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WELCOME TO BUYEO NATIONAL MUSEUMWelcome to the Buyeo National Museum!

It is our great honor and privilege to introduce you to the Buyeo National Museum. Located in fertile plain extending along the Geumgang River in Chungcheongnam-do, the area of present-day Buyeo has been the site of great historical and cultural achievements since ancient times. It was once home to the capital of Baekje, an ancient Korean kingdom that existed in the mid-west and southwest of the Korean Peninsula during the Sabi Period. As a result, the area boasts a wealth of archaeological and cultural heritages left by the Baekje people

The history of the Buyeo National Museum started eighty-four years ago with the founding of the Buyeo Historic Ruins Preservation Association in 1929. Since then, the museum has been committed to preserving and managing the cultural heritages of Baekje, including the archaeological discoveries made in the western area of present-day Chungcheongnam-do. The museum aims to deepen people’s understanding of the history and culture of Baekje by organizing a wide range of activities, including exhibitions, research and education on the archaeological artifacts of Baekje, as well as international exchange programs

More recently, the museum has been making great efforts to improve its facilities, acquire a greater variety of exhibits, and develop new technology convergence contents, as part of a plan to meet the ever more sophisticated demands of museum goers and become a smart digital museum. The Buyeo National Museum will provide a wide range of cultural programs tailor-made for people of different ages and educational backgrounds, with the aim of growing into one of Korea's top institutions specializing in the ancient kingdom of Baekje, and into one of Korea’s friendliest museums.

We hope that our efforts to improve the quality of the museum’s user-centered cultural services and programs will be warmly received by all visitors to the museum. We look forward to your continuous interest and support.

Thank you!

All employees of the Buyeo National Museum
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