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Harmony between the craftsmanship of
Baekje and world-class architectural designs

The Buddhist Culture of Baekje
part1The Smile of Baekje, Buddha Statues of Baekje

Chapter 1 The Smile of Baekje, Buddha Statues of Baekje introduces uniquely elegant, warm images of Buddha statues produced by the superb artisans of Baekje.

Gilt-bronze Standing Avalokitesvara BodhisattvaGilt-Bronze Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

The Gilt-bronze Standing Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (National Treasure) is characterized by the Bodhisattva’s gentle smile and overflowing benevolence, and its esthetic perfection. It is notable for the Bodhisattva’s unique gesture of holding a small wish-fulfilling jewel in his hand, reflecting the refinement and outstanding craftsmanship of Baekje sculpture.

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part2Temples and Pagodas of Baekje

Chapter 2 Temples and Pagodas of Baekje introduces the true artistic spirit of Baekje’s craftsmen, who made strenuous efforts to create exquisite masterpieces and went so far as to build temples and pagodas in neighboring countries.

Fragment of a Bronze PagodaGilt-Bronze Miniature Pagoda

This artifact features elaborated roof-tile furrows and a sophisticated gable ridge decoration. The distinctive architectural technology displayed in this fragment from an ancient pagoda can also be found in the Five- Story Wooden Pagoda of Horyuji Temple in Japan. It also shows how Baekje’s craftsmanship influenced Japanese architecture

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part3Reliquaries from Wangheungsa Temple Site, Buyeo

Chapter 3.Reliquaries from Wangheungsa Temple Site, Buyeo exhibits the reliquaries discovered at the site of a wooden pagoda at the Wangheungsa Temple Site in Buyeo. Located next to the Baekmagang River, the Wangheungsa Temple (Historic Site No. 427) was a royal Buddhist Temple built by Baekje’s royal family. The reliquary contains sarira caskets of Buddha.

Reliquaries from the Wangheungsa Temple SiteSarira Reliquary of Wangheungsa Temple

Known to be the oldest extant sarira reliquary in Korea, the Reliquary from the Wangheungsa Temple Site (National Treasure) consists of three sarira caskets – a bronze casket, a silver casket, and a gold casket.

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The Buddhist culture of Baekje reached its heyday after the relocation of the kingdom’s capital to Sabi.
Its outstanding artworks and Buddhist relics enhanced the status of the kingdom throughout East Asia.
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